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How to Throw the Perfect Christmas Party

christmas personal chef

It’s November and with Christmas almost upon us, now is the time to start to plan your Christmas entertaining. With so much uncertainty, we are finding that small is often beautiful when it comes to planning a 2022 Christmas Dinner Party. So, what better way to entertain your friends and family with a Christmas Dinner Party, catered by your own personal chef?

Mike has created an exquisite Christmas party menu, to give you an idea of what is possible, but don’t forget that all menus are customisable to your own individual needs. All of Mike’s meals are created from food locally sourced in the Cotswolds (or as close as he can manage), so you are assured of delicious ingredients.

A personal chef for Christmas parties is becoming so popular and Mike is so experienced with what people are looking for at this time of year, you won’t go wrong with our special festive menu. Your first step is to book Mike for your Christmas dinner party, take all the stress out of the evening and be able to spend time with your guests. Plus, the added bonus is that Mike will source all of the food and clear up afterwards!

So, you’ve chosen Mike, but what are the other top tips for throwing the perfect event:

Do as much planning ahead before the day, such as sourcing all the alcohol and other drinks, decorations and don’t forget the crackers.

A great way to make the evening special is to send out invitations. Why not get everyone excited about the prospect of an evening of Christmas delicacies prepared in your home by a private chef? Create a theme and use this on your menus too.

Take care with your guest list, 8-12 is the perfect size for a Christmas dinner party. Invite those people who you feel relaxed with so that you can all have a wonderful evening, avoid those awkward conversations….

Mike will take into account any dietary requirements, so make sure that you have checked in advance with all your guests. It’s nice for everyone to know that they are fully catered for and can relax and enjoy the evening knowing that they are fully catered for.

Decorating the room is a great way to get into the Christmas spirit. Crackers are a must, but how about picking a Christmas theme and designing the room around it to really get into the spirit. We also offer a Table Decor Service with The Cotswolds Events company, to take your party to the next level, with Christmas sparkle to the max. Plus, it's a more eco solution that means that you don't need to shell out on one usage decorations.

We have talked about Christmas decorations, but did you consider the lighting too? Getting the lighting right can create a wonderfully intimate feel and with the choice of Christmas lights you can bring some seasonal sparkle too.

A Christmas playlist is a must. So, pull together your iTunes or Spotify playlist to keep the festive spirit rolling all night.

Have fun with your Christmas drinks. There are the usual staples of mulled wine or champagne, but how about creating your own special Christmas cocktail? Don’t make it too strong through, we want people to enjoy the meal!

Give people a memento. People want to remember a special evening, so how about taking some pictures at the start of the evening, then everyone can relax and put their phones down for the rest of the night. You could create a menu card for everyone to take home to remember the evening.

You can rest assured that booking a private chef to cater your Christmas dinner party will be a night to remember. So get in touch today to book your private chef experience.


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