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The Finest Food From The Cotswolds

Cotswolds Private Chef

One of the greatest advantages of booking a private chef, (apart from not having to do all the washing up at the end!) is that your chef will source all the produce for your meal. We all know what high standards chefs have, so you can be guaranteed of some high quality, locally sourced produce for your meal, and that’s before they have even started cooking!

An added benefit of hiring Mike Fishpen, personal chef, is that he is based in The Cotswolds. So as well as being an Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty it has some amazing farmers, bakers and other merchants right on his doorstep.

Working with local Cotswolds butchers, brings you delicious organic meat to every meal and also cuts down on food miles. The fish is sourced from Brixham, as close as we can get to the coast and is sustainably caught.

As well as the food being of a high quality, it is also local and knowing where your food comes from has so many benefits, not just the flavour, these include:

  • Fresher food, with less food miles tastes better and has more nutritional value as it has had less far to travel.

  • Eating local food, means you can eat seasonally more easily as you can see what is available monthly. Mike is also able to find out how they were grown and understand more about the overall food quality.

  • Supporting local business and helping to maintain great companies providing the best raw ingredients in The Cotswolds.

  • Safer – when you know where your food is coming from, you can guarantee the food standards and this is key to Mike and all his chefs.

Now we are in August this is the bumper month for local fruit and vegetables and all of our private chefs are loving cooking with the best the UK has to offer. You can see the wide range of different dishes we offer on our sample menus, but we always look to change them to work with seasonal and local produce. This is more easily done when working with our local, favourite greengrocer Bramleys.

seasonal vegetables

Some of our favourite local fruit and veg that we are working with at the moment are; artichokes, broad beans, peas, cabbage, courgettes, spinach, fennel, tomatoes and new potatoes. Let’s not forget the fruit as featured in many of our lovely desserts and canapes. Some of our favourites at the moment are blackberries, raspberries, strawberries and delicious Cox’s apples. When you taste our desserts you can taste the difference local sourcing makes.

Whichever menu you choose when you book Mike Fishpen as your personal chef, you can be guaranteed the highest quality local produce will be cooked in your home. Guaranteed to give you and your guests a meal to talk about for years to come. Why not contact Mike today to book him for your event.


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