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Mike Fishpen Private Chef

How We Work

If you've never hired a personal chef before, you might be wondering how it all works.  Here we show you our process and you can also check out our FAQs or sample menus to discover more.

Step One

Once you have contacted us, we plan a menu tailored to your needs based on your initial requirements.

Step Two

When the menu is approved, we proceed by drawing up a detailed shopping list, right down to the bare essentials of salt and pepper!

Step Three

We will do all of the food shopping for you, at no additional cost.

Step Four

We will also confirm the kitchen equipment you have available at our disposal, and establish whether or not the chef will need to bring additional equipment along on the day.

Step Five

The majority of food is prepared fresh on site, so full use of your kitchen will be required on the day. 

Step Six

Our chef will arrive at your home at a prearranged time to prepare the food for you.

Step Seven

We will be using all of your serving dishes, plates, cake stands etc. For larger parties we work in conjunction with a specialist hire company, and a separate quote to hire what you need will be organised.

Step Eight

Once the food has been served and you and your guests are pleasantly satisfied, our chef will pack away any food left over, clean down the kitchen, and say farewell till next time!

Step Nine

Leave us a review and spread the word about your amazing personal chef.

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