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Book a Private Chef for Christmas

Book a private chef for Christmas

Whilst it might be the middle of the year, Christmas might seem a long time away, but we all know how quickly it will creep up on us! So why not get ahead of the game and book Mike as a private chef for your Christmas celebrations. Remember there is only Christmas Day, so if you want to make it really special, don’t delay and book Mike as your private Christmas chef today.

A survey has shown that 84% of Britons say that enjoying time with family and friends at Christmas is one of the most enjoyable parts of the season. So if that’s you, you definitely need to hire a private chef this Christmas.

As well as Christmas Day, Mike is available to book for Christmas events, parties and New Year’s Eve throughout November and December. You can see our Christmas menu here. As ever, the menu is here as a guide and all tastes can be catered for, it’s your party after all.

After the year(s) that we have had and after what Christmas 2020 was like for everyone, don’t you want to make it really special this year? Are you already dreading the thought of cooking Christmas dinner for so many people? Or do you want to have a day off too, to be able to spend time with friends and family? If the answer to either of those is yes, then you definitely need a private chef to cater for your Christmas meal.

Even better than getting a day off from the cooking, is that Mike will source all of the ingredients for your Christmas meal. So there’s no wrestling a trolley through a packed supermarket, or hoping that your online delivery actually turns up and the turkey hasn’t been substituted for a cauliflower. Being based in the Cotswolds, Mike has access to some amazing locally produced food, so as well as it being cooked by a top London chef, it will be of the highest quality too.

Overall, we could save you a minimum of 8-10 hours of preparation and cooking time! This will give you time back with your family and friends. You can sit back, relax and enjoy Christmas instead of worrying: is the turkey cooked? Have I catered for the vegetarians? Are the roast potatoes crispy and fluffy? We can cover off different dietary requirements and allergies. Whilst we ask that everyone chooses the same menu, it can be tailored to meet everyone’s needs.

As you will see from our how we work section of the site, as well as all the food being provided and cooked for you, Mike will even clean up for you afterwards, what’s not to love? All we ask is that you leave us with access to all of your kitchen and implements. We will serve the Christmas meal on your crockery.

Another treat for Christmas is to book a private chef as a gift for a loved one. Give the ultimate gift of a delicious Christmas meal cooked in your own home, that you haven’t had to cook, what a treat.

Christmas should be a time to relax and enjoy spending time with friends and family, so why not take away all the stress and know that you are covered with a private chef. You can have total confidence that Mike will provide outstanding food for everyone and make it a Christmas that people will be talking about for years to come.

Once Christmas is over then we look towards New Year’s Eve and Mike is available for New Year’s Eve. You can work with him to develop a menu that perfectly complements your theme. It could be a totally traditional Hogmanay or how about a Vegan celebration?

Please get in touch with Mike today and find out his availability. Don’t forget that Christmas Day is just one day, so that day will go quickly, but he is available for other Christmas meals and parties and New Year’s Eve too.


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