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What to look for when booking a Private Chef?

private chef

When booking a private chef to come into your home and cook a delicious meal for family and friends, it can possibly feel like a huge risk.  You are putting your trust in this person to entertain and amaze your guests. 

There is a lot of choice out there from individual chefs and booking agencies.  Here’s a clue; we are often asked to cover the booking agency sites when they let clients down at the last minute!  At the end of the day, booking an experienced, well recommended private chef (take a look a our reviews) is always going to be the best choice.  So what are the skills you should be on the look out for when booking a private chef?


  • Communication – from when you first contact us about a private chef booking, we will reply to you as quickly as possible.  There’s a chance we are in the kitchen preparing for that night’s meal.  We will send you over a quote and you can easily look over all of our menus on the site to make the quote as accurate as possible.

  • Organisation – a good private chef needs to be super organised.  Working with a raft of local food suppliers and keeping on track with the latest food prices, helps us to deliver to you a well priced menu.  As our private chefs are super busy and working with multiple clients, being super organised means that we are on top of each booking and will treat you as our number one priority.

  • Menu Planning – Mike will create new menus twice a year, so you can be sure that all of our menus are up to date with the latest seasonal produce as well as food trends.  We also feature all of our previous menus in a an archive on the website, so you can pick and choose from any menu to create the perfect three or six courses for your guests.

  • Flexibility – things change!  As a team of experienced private chefs we know that things change a lot and we are flexible enough to work with you on that.  Whether it is numbers of attendees changing, the location or maybe a change of dish.  With sufficient notice, we can work with you to make this the perfect event.

  • Tidyness – we are often told that one of the best things about having a private chef in your kitchen is that we tidy up. We come to cook in your kitchen and use most of your utensils, although a good private chef will always have their own knives!  At the end of the evening, we will tidy up everything and it will look as if we were never there!

  • Sustainability – it is increasingly important that we can demonstrate to our clients the origin of our food and its sustainability.  All of our food (apart from the fish) is all locally sourced and sustainable.  So you can rest assured that by booking a private chef you aren’t being overly burdensome on the environment.

  • Social media – this is a really important part of our communication with clients.  We regularly post our food on social media.  However, do bear in mind that it is a fairly pressurised event so we might not have time to photograph food in a live environment.  But take a look at our feeds for Facebook and Instagram as it will give you a good idea of the quality of food that we create.  We also love a tag of our food so please share us far and wide!


Obviously at Mike Fishpen Private Chef all of our chefs work to these high standards, so please get in touch to find out how we can work with you to make your event something people talk about for years to come.


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