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The Best Spring Produce from a Private Chef

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If you are thinking about hiring a private chef to cater for your event, have you thought about their approach to using seasonal produce? As we all grow more aware of climate change and working with our environment, eating seasonal, locally produced food can have an impact. When working with a local private chef, they can guide you about what is best to use locally and work in conjunction with seasonal trends. Unlike a big venue or restaurant, a private chef service is a smaller more agile operation that can specifically source the right produce for you and works with a wide variety of local merchants.

At Mike Fishpen Private Chef we aim to source as much of our produce from the Cotswolds, only sea fish gives us a challenge! We really enjoy working with local butchers and greengrocers to bring you the freshest seasonal produce and keep the food miles down.

Here’s out look at what is in season now:

Spring Greens

Simply delicious at this time of year and their tender leaves go well as an accompaniment to many meals.


The main season rhubarb starts in April, but from now you can enjoy ‘forced rhubarb’ that has been grown in the dark. Enjoy a tasty rhubarb crumble in cold nights or a springtime rhubarb syllabub.

Jersey Royal Potatoes

One of the tastiest new potatoes around and a real indicator or the arrival of spring. Watch out for the start of the season now, with the peak being in May. During May Jersey can export as much as 1,500 tonnes of potatoes a day.


The most British of vegetables with the season starting on St George’s Day – 23rd April. You can definitely taste the difference when you are served British asparagus.


So popular now for its many health benefits, but it comes into season in spring when you can enjoy the sweetest tender leaves, perfect for a side salad.


Such a popular accompaniment now to many meals, even chocolate cake and with health benefits including helping to reduce blook pressure. We love our roasted beetroot and burrata salad as featured in our three course menu.


These vegetables get a double bite of the cherry coming into season in Spring and Autumn. So healthy being rich on folic acid, vitamin C and B complex and can help towards reducing cholesterol.


Lamb is the most popular spring meat and eating British lamb supports your local farmers and keeps the food miles down. Let’s not also forget the other less popular spring meats of rabbit and pigeon that are readily available at this time of year. Why not take a look at our delicious rack of lamb on our three course menu?

We regularly change our menus to reflect seasonality and the best local produce, you can see menus here, but we can also work in conjunction with you if you have different requirements safe in the knowledge we will be working with the best local suppliers. Please get in touch to plan your event with us.


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