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The Most Romantic Foods This Valentine’s Day

private chef at Valentines

If you haven’t booked a private chef this Valentine’s Day, what do you have planned instead? If you don’t fancy a restaurant on a Monday night, how about cooking up a romantic meal for that special someone in your life.

Our team of private chef’s have catered hundreds of Valentine’s meals and events over the years so here is their run down of the most romantic foods this Valentine’s. If you’d like these foods combined into the most romantic meal ever, why not book a private chef this Valentines? Get in touch today to see how we can help.


Everyone knows this one, the famous aphrodisiac, would any Valentine’s meal without this on the menu be complete? Assuming you and your partner like them! Loved by Casanova who reportedly ate 50 a day. If you’re abit of Casanova, oysters are a must on your Valentine’s menu.


Pomegranates have long been linked to fertility and abundance and it is thought that the forbidden fruit in the bible was actually a pomegranate. Pomegranate juice has been proven to increase testosterone in men and women, so could that be the link? We love pomegranates on a salad to add abit of crunch and interest to any starter or side.

Chili Peppers

The heat in chili peppers can release endorphins, acting as a natural pain killer, raise the temperature and quicken the pulse. Just what you need for Valentine’s! How about trying our Teriyaki Scottish Salmon with chili stir fried vegetable part of the six course taster menu?


The jury is out on the aphrodisiac effects of honey, but we can all agree that is a great addition to many dishes. Add some sweet warmth to poultry or salad dressings. We love a honey and mustard dressing on our starter salad dishes.


The use of beets in cooking is becoming more popular than just the humble beetroot slices in a buffet. Added to a chocolate cake or brownie adds some delicious warmth and it means less sugar too. Beets have been linked to romance through the theory that eating them makes your skin pinker, replicating the effect of falling in love with someone. So, whilst eating if your partner looks flushed, you’d think that they were interested in you and the rest is destiny. We love our roasted beetroot burrata salad as served on our three course menu.


Who doesn’t love a British strawberry a main ingredient in our summer desserts and key ingredient in our berry mousse featured in our trio of desserts. The science is behind the humble strawberry, as they are packed with vitamin C which promotes blood flow and gives higher levels of oestrogen.


Becoming more and more popular, they add a smoky richness to any meal and make it more alluring and prestigious. A great way to wow your partner. So maybe that is the allure of the truffle when it comes to love!


Who hasn’t tried to woo a loved one with a box of chocolates, but is there anymore more to this tasty treat? Dark chocolate releases endorphins which help to increase sex drive and reduces fatigue and stress. So a must for any Valentine’s meal. Our dark chocolate fondant is sure to bring the romance to any meal.


A perfect way to end a romantic meal with a shot of caffeine. Did you know that caffeine increase libido especially in women, so don’t forget to offer an espresso at the end of your Valentine’s dinner!

If you would like to book a private chef to cater your Valentine’s meal, please get in touch to see how we can help. Alternatively, what about gifting a private chef gift voucher this Valentine’s, then you can claim your romantic meal any night of the year.


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