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Tips for Hosting a New Year’s Eve Party from a Private Chef

New Year's Eve

At the start of December everyone is focused on preparing for Christmas and making it all perfect. Maybe you have booked a Private Chef for your Christmas party, but what about your New Year’s Eve celebrations? Often forgotten, but what a way to bring in the New Year with an amazing dinner party, prepared by a Private Chef with your favourite people to bring in the New Year’s Eve in style.

Mike is already booked for New Year's Eve, but we have other chefs available, and they have all gotten together to share their tips for making your New Year amazing, whether or not you chose to hire a Private Chef.

Theme It

The greatest thing about New Year is that you are free from the confines of family celebrations, so fun is the number one order of the day! Why not pick a theme and have props available to get the party started? You can also discuss your theme with your Private Chef, and they can work with you to prepare a menu in line with your party theme.

Decorate It

You already have your house covered in Christmas decorations, but for a full-on New Year’s Eve party why not take it up a notch or two? Adding more fairy lights can help to create a more intimate atmosphere or take it to the next level with disco balls and strobe lights. Whatever you do will help to make it a New Year to remember.


If you’re spending the time on preparing a fantastic New Year’s Eve party, with or without a Private Chef, how about making it extra special with personal invites. Move away from boring WhatsApp invites and send out personal invites in the post, even more fun if your party has a theme.

Smells Like a Party

There are so many lovely aromas associated with Christmas and New Year, so why not make your home even more welcoming with some beautifully scented candles or wax melts? Offering mulled wine also brings a welcoming scent to your home. Let’s not forget if it is a dinner party, the delicious aromas coming from your kitchen, especially if you have a Private Chef in there.

Style Your Bar

The central element of any New Year’s Eve party must be the drinks for your party. Bar carts are one of the most Instagram worthy items when it comes to hosting a party. So, if you already have one, make sure you style it to the max and offer a great range of drinks to work with the theme. No bar cart, no problem, you can style any area of your home to be a great and fun bar area. Cocktails are always a great idea, but don’t make them too complicated! Offer a good choice of drinks to take in all tastes and don’t forget the drivers. A Festive punch is a fun idea too and can be made in advance so your guests can help themselves. The smell can also add to the festive ambience of your party. Don’t forget the ice, an ice bucket is a must and how about freezing berries to add to drinks, plus they don’t melt in drinks and just add a delicious flavour instead.

Getting the Food Right

Our Private Chefs are here to prepare you an amazing New Year’s Eve dinner, what more do you need… You can view our New Year's Eve menu here.

Table Decoration

Whether you’re having a sit-down meal or a buffet, the decoration of the table is a great way to keep the party spirit going. If you have a theme, you can have table decorations that follow the theme and incorporate some fun additions. Party poppers are always a favourite, mini quiz cards and party games. Keep the ambient lighting going with candles and fairy lights on the table.

Fun & Games

If you have a mix of friends and need to keep the evening moving, maybe prepare some games in advance so there’s no awkward silences. Or how about creating a DIY photo booth, create a backdrop and have some props, 100% guaranteed fun.

Prepare Your Playlist

To give yourself less to do on the night and to stop any arguments, why not create a play list for the whole night. With the obvious crescendo of New York, New York! No need for requests and a great way to build the mood up across the evening.

Whatever you are planning for New Year, if you are looking to hire a Private Chef for the night, please get in touch and see how we can help.


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