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Creating Your Perfect Private Chef Menu

private chef

When commissioning a Private Chef to create an amazing dinner party for you, it’s a slightly different proposition to entertaining at home yourself, or in a restaurant.  If you are cooking yourself for a big group, you will probably choose something tried and tested or maybe you are going to try something new, but how do you know what everyone likes!?  In a restaurant, the world is your oyster, and you can pick from a wide range of cuisines so everyone in your party can have a different meal to suit their tastes and preferences.  Then there are dietary issues to consider, such as food allergies or choosing to be Vegan or Vegetarian.  It is getting harder to please everyone and keep them safe when they come round to yours for dinner.


Here is where booking a Private Chef has so many more bonuses than you may have initially thought of.  Yes, you do have to pick a menu of one item for each course.  But that is not to say that it cannot be customised for different allergies and preferences.  So, when you pick your choices for the three course menu, you can then overlay with a vegetarian option.  Or another alternative, is that when you hire a Private Chef they could cook a vegetarian meal that tastes amazingly good and people might not even notice the lack of meat!


In terms of allergies all of our private chefs are fully trained in asking the right questions to ask your guests to ensure that all allergies are catered for, there are things that you might not even consider asking.  We can offer an alternative meal that is not cooked near any allergens, or simply ensure that the whole menu does not contain the offending allergen.


As well as traditional three course and six course classic menus, don’t forget that with the summer coming we can provide barbecues too and have a choice of premium or classic menus.  A great way to enjoy entertaining everyone outdoors this summer, without having to cook yourself!


Finally, how do you choose a three (or even six) course menu that keeps everyone happy?  When you work with Mike he has years of experience in helping clients to choose a menu that everyone will love.  Twice a year he will refresh his menus with the seasonal items and new food trends, whilst keeping some of the old faithfuls and his signature dishes on board.  Therefore, each old menu gets archived, but they are all still viewable on the menu archive on the website and you can choose them for your dinner party too, it’s perfect mix and match option.  You have an amazing choice of dishes and an experienced Private Chef to help you to choose the perfect menu, win win.


What more could you ask for?  So, when planning dinner party or special event, why not take the stress of menu planning and avoid allergens, book a Private Chef to take that stress from your shoulders.  You won’t regret it and you will create an evening that people will be talking about for years to come.  Who doesn’t want that to remember?  Contact Mike today to start planning your perfect menu.


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