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Why You Need Mike’s Three Course Personal Chef Menu at Your Dinner Party

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Everyone that comes to visit Mike Fishpen’s personal chef website, almost certainly looks at the menus, and why wouldn’t you? For those who have never used a personal chef for their dinner party or event, the three course menu is a great place to start. Of course, we offer a wide choice of menus, our barbecue menus are especially popular at the moment, but we thought it would be a good time to take you on a tour of some of our favourite items on this delicious three course menu. It is also worthwhile pointing out, that this menu is a guide and if you wanted something specific, we can talk to you about your requirements. We also have all our archived menus available too to give you a wider choice.

Here are Mike’s favourites from the Summer 2022 Three Course Menu:

Starter - Pan fried Devon scallops with Cornish white ponzu crab

To pick Mike’s favourite starter is easy as it has to be his signature dish. It is a meeting of Devon and Cornwall in his delicious ‘pan fried Devon scallops with Cornish white ponzu crab, celeriac mayo, truffle oil and a light drizzle of balsamic’. At this time of food increases it does come at a price premium, but it is definitely worth it. Scallops from Devon are the best that you can get, all the produce is ordered in line with client’s menus they are delivered on the day of your event to ensure taste and freshness. The gorgeous velvety taste of the scallops is offset by the tangy flavour of the Ponzu crab. Ponzu is a Japanese condiment with a citrus base. A great way to start your dinner party and give your guests some new and fresh flavours.

Main - grilled chicken with Za’tar and tahini, roast sweet potato wedges and Asian slaw salad

Mike’s main courses are very meat influenced, as being based in the Cotswolds, he works with local butchers and farmers to source the freshest and tastiest meat. Fish and vegetarian options are available but for the main course we are looking at the ‘grilled chicken with Za’tar and tahini, roast sweet potato wedges and Asian slaw salad’. Za’tar is fairly new ingredient to the UK and great way to spice up the humble chicken. Chicken is a popular choice on our menus, so we are always looking for ways to make it different and special for our clients. Za’tar is a mix of herbs and spices from the Middle East and also includes the herb Za’tar that is a type of wild thyme. It brings a herby and exotic favour to our chicken and has crunch too thanks to the sesame seeds in the mix.

Dessert – Raspberry crème brûlée, peanut brittle

Well, there are so many desserts to choose from, how do you pick one! Maybe you should try them all. Today we have picked Raspberry crème brûlée with peanut brittle. It’s a perennial favourite, but to add a summery touch to it, Mike has added raspberries to it. Plus, just in case there wasn’t enough sugar, some delicious home made peanut brittle on the side is the perfect addition.

As you can see this is just a quick tour through our summer three course menu. So why not get in touch with Mike to see how he can help you pick the perfect private chef menu for your next dinner party. Wow and amaze your friends with the gorgeous food coming from your kitchen.


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