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Restaurant Chef at Home Vs Private Chef in Your Home

Private Chef

During lockdown there were a lot of changes to the way we eat at home. Obviously for a while we couldn’t entertain or go out and this brought about the Chef at Home restaurant meal kits. Have you tried one yet? They are a great invention, especially if it is hard to get into London or other major cities, but how do they really compare to having a private chef, cooking a freshly prepared meal in your home?

It is starting to become a more regular comment from our clients, that ‘oh I looked into using an x chef kit, but then picked you’, but sometimes we think that maybe people do go ahead and choose an at home chef kit instead, this makes us understandably sad. So, here are a few home truths to consider, and why booking a private chef could be the best thing you ever did for your friends and family.

Number 1 – Environmental Impact

When you order a chef at home restaurant kit, everything is obviously prepared in their kitchen, so has to be securely packed in order to preserve freshness and flavour and to survive its journey in the post. When you have a private chef come to cook in your home, everything is either pre-prepared in the chef’s home or in your home. So, there is no need for heaps of plastic packaging, that you then need to get rid of yourself.

Number 2 – Provenance of your Food

So, as well as your meal turning up encased in plastic (yuck), do you know its provenance? All the restaurant chefs will pride themselves in sourcing the best ingredients, as do our private chefs, but will they be in your home to tell you exactly where your food has come from? Our private chefs can talk you through exactly where each item of your meal has come from, we always aim to minimise food miles. Plus, as it is all as fresh as possible, there is no need for unnecessary packaging.

Number 3 – Breadth of Choice

When you book a private chef to cater an event in your home, you want a meal that everyone enjoys. We have a great selection of current menus and archive menus, that you can use to create the perfect meal that everyone will love. Chef at home kits are great if you like all the ingredients, but there is no personal chef to tweak it to meet your taste.

Number 4 – You Can Enjoy Yourself

With an at home Chef Kit, you have to actually cook it! The kits can be chosen by your level of expertise, so if you are hopeless in the kitchen, there will be easier kits to choose from. But, like everything in life the more effort you put in the tastier the result. There is of course, one exception to the rule, when you hire a private chef! Our chef’s do as much pre-prep as possible, turn up in your home and do all the cooking and we even clean up too. It’s like we have never been there! So, you can relax and enjoy spending time with your friends and family. Don’t forget that with a restaurant kit, you still actually have to cook it, so fingers crossed it all goes to plan.

Number 5 - Price and Flexibility

Where these chef at home kits really win, is that they are great for a romantic night in and are competitively priced for a meal for two. However, if you are looking at six plus guests, a private chef is definitely more cost effective. Plus, what happens if you have an odd number of guests you have to order an extra portion, although sometimes that could be a benefit with more food to go round!

Number 6 – Finishing Touches

As well as offering a private chef in your home we can work with you on the other aspects of your meal to make it absolutely perfect. We can provide waiting staff and advise you on the best choice of wines. Our other partners include table décor and the most amazing cupcakes.

Number 7 – Enjoy the Experience

Having friends and family around to celebrate is a fun experience and having a private chef in your home is a great way to make the most of it. Why not take the time to read our reviews and see how we have added value to people’s evenings by bringing that extra special twist to your evening.

So, if you are planning a special occasion, take the stress out of it and contact us to plan a perfect evening tailored to you and your guests’ tastes. Contact us today to find out more.


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