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Private Chefs Always Use the Best Kitchen Knives

Private Chef kitchen knives

It goes without saying that a knife is one of the most important tools that any chef can own. It takes years to perfect the knife skills of any chef and all that training and experience needs to be put to good use, with a set of high quality kitchen knives. It is definitely an investment that any good chef will make. A set of knives that you can maintain and care for can last for many years, so it’s not an area to skimp on.

Unlike many of the other jobs in the kitchen accurate chopping has not been replaced by a gadget, so it is definitely a skill that needs to be mastered. You will be pleased to know that when you book Mike Fishpen Personal Chef for your event he will be tooled up with a high quality set of Knives. A beautifully sharpened set of knives will allow any chef for quickly and precisely prepare your food and it means your private chef can work faster and deliver amazing results. Investing in a good set of knives shows that you are passionate about good food and how it is prepared and Mike will demonstrate this when he is cooking in your home.

Private chef knives

For all of his Personal Chef bookings, Mike is pleased with work with TOG Knives. These knives are a British design crafted in Japan, using four different types of metal for ultimate strength of their blades. Japan has a great history for making blades, from sword makers to modern day kitchen knives. TOG Knives are crafted in Seki, Japan the home of the Samurai sword. The method of creating Samurai swords is used when creating a TOG knife using eight different specialist products. As there is a knife for every job in the kitchen Mike also uses Wusthof and Victorinox (who make Swiss army knives too) too, to make sure he has every corner covered when cooking for you.

If you want to replicate a chef’s knife skills at home, we would recommend investing in a quality set of knives that you look after. It’s a great investment and if you care well for them, they will last longer than a set of cheaper knives. We would recommend at least a chef’s knife for the main jobs in the kitchen, such as slicing onions, chopping herbs or crushing garlic. It’s a longer knife than you might be used to, but if you are looking to just invest in one knife, this is the one to choose. Other knives you would need are a carving knife, paring knife and a bread knife.

A good knife can be determined by a sharp blade made of good quality stainless steel. Other materials such as ceramic and carbon are harder to clean and care for. The balance of the knife is also important, so ensure that the handle isn’t heavier than the blade so that you can cut evenly. The handle should have a good grip and fit comfortably in your hand.

private chef knives

Once you have your knife the better you care for it the longer it will last. Using a wooden chopping board is preferable to plastic. A dishwasher is not your knife’s friend as the chemicals, hot water and salt will ruin the edge, always hand wash it as soon as you have finished using it, especially if cutting acidic items such as onions. Keeping your knife sharp will mean it will continue to perform optimally, sharpen regularly depending on how much you use it. When you are finished, store it in a knife block to avoid it getting bashed about and blunted in a drawer.

When you book Mike Fishpen Private Chef you can rest assured that your food will be prepared to the highest standard using his personal set of TOG Knives, just don’t try and touch them! It’s a great way for you to know you have booked a top chef when you see the quality of his knives.

To find out how to book Mike or one of his team of private chefs, please contact us today.


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