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Booking a Private Chef in the Energy Crisis

private chef

We all know it’s tough out there with inflation rising and an energy crisis being one of the main drivers of this. At times like these, we look for ways to cut costs and luxuries are the first to go. Obviously hiring a private chef to come to your home is a luxury, but when you have a special event to celebrate using a private chef could be more cost effective than other options. Here are a few reasons why….

1. Energy Costs At the time of writing this blog, there is no energy cap for businesses. Therefore, the restaurants need to pass on their costs to their customers. Obviously, a private chef coming to your home will mean that you will incur more energy costs, but bear in mind that you have an energy cap so the price will be less than being experienced by restaurants at the moment. Also, you might not be aware that all our chefs do as much prep in advance as they can before coming to your home. This means that they will probably use less energy preparing your meal than you might think.

2. Restaurant Prices It costs a lot of money to eat in a top-level restaurant these days. If you are looking for a special celebration, then you should be comparing the cost of hiring a private chef to what you would spend in a Michelin Star restaurant, here are some guides for you: - The Dining Room at Whatley Manor £95 - £245pp - Le Champignon Sauvage - £78pp - The Royal Oak, Whatcote - £75 - £95pp

- Sketch - £90pp - Gordon Ramsey - £155pp

When booking a private chef you can work to a reasonable budget to provide you with a meal that your friends and family will be talking about for years to come. Maybe they'll think that you paid Gordon Ramsey prices…..

3. Corkage Costs

Another thing to consider when comparing prices is corkage costs. All restaurants apply a corkage cost, and you are also paying their overheads in the cost of your wine. Currently, average corkage fees are around £12–£15 for still wine, £15–£20 for regular sparkling wine (e.g., Cava or Prosecco) and £20–£35 for champagne. So, depending on how much you drink, that can be a considerable saving

4. Travel Time and Costs There is no travel time for you, and hopefully minimal for your guests, so no expensive taxi or train fares to consider.

5. Locally Sourced Food at Fair Prices All the food provided by our private chefs comes from as locally as source as we can manage (fish can be a challenge!). By working with a regular roster of local providers, we can get the best prices for you, ultimately saving you money. We can also tell you exactly where your food has come from, saving you food miles and travel costs of moving the food around the country.

So, if you are planning that special occasion, whether it is a big birthday, anniversary, wedding reception or anything else, please contact us today to see how a private chef can actually save you money.


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