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Mike Fishpen Private Chef

Covid-19 Protocols

As we come to your home to provide our personal chef services, the safety of our customers and staff is of paramount concern during this pandemic.  Whilst social distancing guidelines remain in place, our chefs commit to follow these procedures and we would appreciate your support and adherence to these riles to ensure everyone's safety.

All of our chefs are naturally fully trained in in hygiene and food safety standards and have received additional briefing on additional sanitary measures related to Covid, including the wearing of masks and gloves at all times.  At the end of the meal our chef will fully and hygenically clean all cooking areas used.

We ask that you:

  • Respect your personal chef's space and maintain social distancing at all times.

  • Ensure that the kitchen/work area has sufficient ventilation.

  • Do not ask the chef to remove their mask at any point.

  • Ensure a hygienically clean kitchen on arrival.

  • Vacate the cooking area whilst the chef is present until their departure.

We thank you very much for your help in keeping your guests and our chefs safe.

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